Our Shakedown Trip!


After figuring out what type of RV would be best for our family, we were pretty sure we made the right decision and are happy with our Class A motorhome! No matter what choice we would have made, we know there would have been pluses and minuses so it took a lot of careful consideration. One of the things we liked best about the motorhome was that it had bunk beds for the kids. We also like that there are two slides to make it bigger inside when they are extended and we didn’t have to buy a large truck to tow something instead! It is also pretty convenient to drive and set up when we get to where we are going!

We set out on our first trip in the middle of June to Clearfield, PA where David did a Saturday workshop with the worship team at Clearfield Alliance Church and led worship with them on Sunday. It was a great weekend of ministry and building friendships! This was the first time we realized that as we were stepping out to be a blessing we are blessed by others and the churches we visited in return! Each church and each person we share a conversation with teaches us something new and gives us a fresh perspective!

starr hill

For this trip, we also visited our first Harvest Host site. Starr Hill Vineyard was beautiful, and we had quite the adventure in trying to get there. The route looked simple on mapquest…right off the main road….right?! All of the sudden we were on the back mountainous one lane roads and the signs said there was a detour 6.5 miles ahead. We were only going 5.8 miles so we knew we would make it there before the detour…or would we? With this big 34 foot motorhome, we quickly realized we were on roads we shouldn’t be on, we needed an RV GPS, and we needed to turn around as the detour was right before the vineyard. As we were driving, we were hitting (luckily small) branches and apples of some sort were falling on our roof! We luckily found our way around the detour, avoided any bridges that were too low in the area, and made it to the vineyard in one piece! The owner there was very kind and offered for us to be able to walk in the vineyard, and drive the golf carts around the property if we like. The kids loved that idea! This was also our first location where we got to experience what it was like to have 50amp electricity and be able to run our two AC’s, have WiFi, TV, and all of the comforts of home in our RV. We were thankful to realize that it seemed as though we were going to enjoy staying in the RV after all!


We wondered if the kids might not go to bed well or sleep well in the RV since it was a new environment, they were excited, and they didn’t always go to be so easy as it was, but they did great! They still sleep better in the RV knowing that we are close by than they did through some seasons at home. We are extremely thankful for that!


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