Our First Campground Experience


Before the decision to buy an RV, none of us had been in an RV or spent much time at campgrounds, so we really didn’t know what to expect! We looked into the best and most cost effective way to start our trip and decided to get a multiple zone pass with Thousand Trails camping network. This company has over 80 campgrounds across the US and was super affordable for us, so we of course researched it, and then went for it! Our first practice trip was at Kenisee Lake Campground 1hr and 45 minutes north of my parents house. Luckily David was pretty comfortable with driving the motorhome and did a great job with it! I would have been so nervous if I had to drive on these first trips, so I was thankful that he was great at it!
The kids loved the mini golf and pool there and it brought tears to my eyes to watch them enjoying the simplicity of the campground in that moment. I knew this crazy plan just might work, and they might just love it too! Tyler wanted to be out playing mini golf any chance he got! Even though there were a lot of people around this campground was so quiet and peaceful when we were there. We enjoyed the beautiful lake at this campground with the swing that overlooked it. The kids enjoyed walking around the lake, talking to the geese, and seeing the horses across the street. The clubhouse was a little outdated but had simple snacks, movies for all ages, and a kids corner with toys, books, and games that Ellie loved. Tyler loved the air hockey table that was not fully functional, but that didn’t really matter to him!

We also explored the nearby town of Ashtabula where we ate an amazing lunch on the patio at Briquette’s BBQ, which over looked the draw bridge. Ashtabula was a cute town with a few shops, and a coffee shop and ice cream shop too! David and I had been here before, but the kids had not, so it was fun to get to hang out there with them.

On this trip, we were also getting a good feel for the things we needed to have in the RV to get it ready for our cross country adventure. Many trips to Walmart would ensue…and still do. The day that we were leaving, they were having a small vendor show and carnival at this campground. The kids loved the inflatables and the homemade games and all of the prizes they won at them! We enjoyed our stay at our first campground!!


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