Getting Ready for a Cross Country Adventure…

trip route 2017

We spent a little bit of time putting finishing touches on our RV and spent time with family before heading out on the first leg of our trip. It was interesting how the past couple of months had opened up so more time to spend with our family as we were getting ready to head out! All of the sudden we were out of our bubble, and it was easier to see people and talk to those close to us more often.

We slowly were moving everything into our RV that we knew we would want with us, but were careful not to take too much, because we knew the RV could easily be cluttered. We were happy as we set out that we had enough storage space and had some empty cupboards to fill later! We each brought a bin of clothes, but it was still honestly more than what we needed and we knew we may downsize our wardrobes in the future.

RV pic

Our set off date, August 2nd, 2017  had finally come. We finished moving in the last items that we thought we would need for the next months, said our see-you-laters, and loaded up into the RV. We were nervous and excited all at the same time! At least now we knew we all liked traveling, we all liked staying in the RV, and we had a rough travel route and church and campground bookings planned through December. We stopped at a local Walmart to stock up on food, get some new tires on the car, and an oil change. While they were working on the car, we also went to Chipotle across the parking lot for lunch. Life was good!

Our first night was spent at another Harvest Host location. Honey Haven Farm in Ashland, Ohio about 1.5 hrs away from our starting point. It was such a great experience! It was a beautiful farm, with an inviting and kind family. They had a nice store with their produce and other items. We bought quite a bit of fruit, veggies, and local honey. The farmer told us the corn was his most popular seller and gave us a bag of it! It was tasty! He also let the kids come with him to the barn to feed the cows! They loved this! I could already see that our kids were going to have so many unexpected experiences that they wouldn’t normally have at home. Ellie just wanted to see the pigs!

They were in another barn down the path so we went to check them out the next morning before we left. We saw goats, sheep, and finally…the huge pigs. Of course the barn smelled like pigs, which the kids had never experienced. After about 5 seconds in the barn, Tyler turned white and said, “I think I am going to throw up right now!” We encouraged him to get out of the barn and we headed back to the RV. We said “Thank You” and “Goodbye” to the farmer and his family and were on our way! Thankful for a beautiful place to park for the night, and the experience that had come along with it, we drove on to the next stop!

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