On Our Way

on our waySo…we were on our way. We headed through some Ohio country roads and picked up a tow dolly for our car so that I no longer would have to drive behind the RV! The tow dolly was a little more complicated and out of our element than we had imagined and we were nervous on the drive. With every bump we checked our back up camera to make sure the car was still there…hanging on.

We arrived at our 2nd ever Thousand Trails in our 3rd state: Indian Lakes in Batesville, Indiana.  This Thousand Trails was interesting because it used to be a KOA and still has a small section for KOA campers. There is a gas station, small beauty salon, and store with all of the essentials and ice cream. They also serve breakfast there certain days of the week, but we didn’t get a chance to try it. This campground was pretty big and they told us to find a site. We had no idea where to go. There was so much to think about. So we drove around, and looked around, and asked around, and drove around, and looked around. We found a somewhat unlevel spot in a pretty full area across from their awesome field and playground, leveled the RV the best we could, and settled in. We took a walk and really enjoyed the views at the gazebo area and the pool that overlooked a small lake.


This campground was slightly busy, had a large section of seasonal campers on the other side of the park, and they had private parties in the common areas the weekend we were there. They also had an inflatable water slide for the kids at the park, so fun, right?! I thought my kids would love it so we got them in their suits and I took them over there while David was at a church an hour away teaching a workshop with a church worship team. Tyler got to the top of the slide and freaked out! He would not come down and I couldn’t come up. He cried for about 3-4 minutes that felt like an eternity, and then one of the bigger kids pushed him to help him go down. He screamed, then he laughed, then he loved it! “Again, Again!” he said. Then it was Ellie’s turn. She also got to the top of the small slide and was crying. There was nothing I could do for her either. I felt bad and was slightly embarrassed at the same time. Why were my kids freaking out? Finally someone pushed Ellie down…she did NOT like it. So she threw a fit awhile longer while Tyler begged to go again. I let him and he loved it! Then we left. That was enough fun for the day 😛



We made our way into the charming town of Batesville, Indiana, which was about 10 minutes from the campground. We found a great breakfast place there called Big Four Café that we recommend. After that, we walked right across the street to an antique shop where we found out there was a town festival there the next day. We signed Tyler up for the “Fastest Kid In Batesville” race. Ellie didn’t want to do it. The next day Tyler ran that race. He didn’t win but he had fun and he did great. That night, on David’s birthday, we went to Skyline Chili because we had a busy day, hadn’t planned anything besides the cake, and we had a coupon from the festival for Skyline. I can say Skyline Chili was a once in a lifetime experience for me, as I would never willing choose to eat there again.

We also found a fun playground in Batesville that also had a small lake you could run around. The kids enjoyed playing at the park.

That Sunday we drove 1.5 hrs from our campground to the church where David had led the workshop the day before and where he led worship that day. We went to a great Mexican Restaurant in town with the worship team and their families.  We really enjoyed the service and were beginning to realize that as we stepped out to minister to others, others were ministering to us and each church we went to ministered in a different way.


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