Visiting Family in Indiana and fun times in Southern Michigan


One of the most fun things about our trip so far is getting to visit with family that we don’t get to see often enough! This time, since we were in Indiana, we headed to David’s brother Mike’s house just north of Indianapolis.


We were able to park our RV at Mike’s church, and explored Noblesville, Indiana and spent time with Mike and Jess and their kids. We had a wonderful time there and it felt good to have the freedom to spend some time with family. I spent a few days at a coffee shop doing work on my computer in the middle of town, and David took the kids to a museum in Indianapolis that was on our ASTC membership. The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is a renowned children’s museum another must do that is not on the membership, but that they had gone to before when we had visited at the beginning of the year with the rest of David’s family.


Most of our time here was spent with cousins and brothers and sister-in-law’s just hanging out and enjoying the hospitality and friendship of family…and yummy food!


Next, we headed north and stopped at the Grissom Air Museum near Peru, Indiana for another Harvest Hosts stay. We enjoyed exploring the museum and are told there is a restaurant across the road too! There were planes taking off from the Air Force Base across the way too!


We then made our way to Bear Cave RV Campground, a Thousand Trails campground, in Southwest Michigan. We were here because it was a Thousand Trails park and was almost within driving distance, 1 hour and 45 mins, to a church in Chicago that David was doing worship at that weekend. This was not our favorite RV park as it was somewhat difficult to navigate with narrow roads, but it gave us a place to park the RV and we had a view of the river out our back window. There was also Bear Cave, which you can pay a small fee to explore and is basically in the basement area of the camp store and registration area. It was a small, wet, damp cave, but was fun for the kids since we were there! It is said to be a place where Native Americans lived, and was used in the Underground Railroad also!


We were excited to find Silver Beach to feel like we were at a beach for the day. We walked in the sand, and down along a pier where the waves crashed around us. There is something refreshing about the beach, even a lake beach. It was a beautiful day. The kids loved the playground on the beach and the splash park that was next to a pizza shop where we got lunch. Up the steps by the pizza shop, is a place where you can find free parking in the area and lots of shops. I was really happy that we came to this beach as it was a super fun day that would have been a shame to miss!

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