Cheese curds and Children’s Museums



We unexpectedly bought a small addition onto our Thousand Trails Zone pass called Trails Collection that added some more parks we could stay at for a steal of a deal. That opened up a couple of campgrounds in southern Wisconsin for us, so we were off to our 6th state on the trip. A state we hadn’t expected to visit just yet and one 3 out of 4 of us had never been to before.

We stayed at Lakeland Camping Resort, and Blackhawk Camping Resort in Milton WI. Milton didn’t have a lot to do in it, and the campgrounds were mostly long term sites, but we fell in love with the city of Madison, WI which was about an hour north of Milton.

We asked our friend, Joanna, a native Madisonite, what we should do while there and she gave us a great list. Madison was a charming city because it was somewhat small and walkable but had a lot of character and a lot to do! We have year membership to the WNC Nature Center that gets us into many zoos and science centers around the country for free. Believe me when I say we are taking full advantage of that!


We started off our visit to Madison by stopping into Bradbury’s Coffee, right across the street from the Madison Children’s Museum. We got some coffees, hot chocolates, and delicious crepes before heading into the museum. This museum was very nice and well kept and had a lot for the kids to do. We really enjoyed it! We then went to the beautiful capital building that was also across the other street from the museum. It was such a nice building, however, there were some protesters in there standing around the balcony singing and chanting, something or other about Trump and the governor. It really ruined the beauty of the building for us, so we decided not to take the tour and moved on.


Across the street from the capital building was Colectivo coffee shop, The Old Fashioned restaurant, and Lucille’s. We ate at Lucille’s for lunch which we highly recommend! It was delicious and the cheese curds were great! We then headed to Ella’s Deli which was a quirky old diner that had mechanical toys and a carousel and served delicious ice cream.

The next day we headed out to the Henry Villas Zoo, which was a free zoo. We then went back into the city since we had loved it so much. On this day we walked around some more and found Monana Terrace where there was a beautiful view of the city and the capital building on one side, and a vast lakeview on the other. We were so happy that we found this gem. We ordered some truffle fries and cheese curds at the Lake Vista Café that is on the terrace and offers a beautiful view. It was great food and kind service.

Next we went to The Old Fashioned for dinner. It was really good, and we just had to order the cheese curds there also. We were stuffed but really enjoyed our meals. I ordered a salad with cherries in it and it was delicious!

We also hit up Colectivo Coffee and Fromagination Cheese shop while in Madison. Colectivo is a cool coffee shop that offers a great view of the capital building across the street also. That is the cool thing about Madison. The views are beautiful and just about everything, including food trucks, are right across the street in one direction or another from the capital building. The traffic is also minimal and it was a quiet downtown area. We were impressed with Madison and really enjoyed this surprise stop on our trip!

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