St Louis – The Arch, City Museum, and Fam


Our trip took us to St Louis, Missouri to see some of David’s family and to minister at Rooftop Church. We couldn’t find a perfect place to stay in the motorhome in the area, plus we were planning to stay at David’s Aunt Anita and Uncle Jeff’s, so we got permission to park our RV in the church parking lot for the week while we stayed with family nearby.

Our first day in St Louis, we knew we wanted to see the Gateway Arch, and I wanted to take everyone to the “City Museum” though my husband and kids were unsure if they wanted to go as they didn’t know what it was. Little did we all know the surprises that were waiting for us there. Our adventures always have many surprises, most good, some not so good, but this one was great!! We went to the Arch first, and Tyler got his Jr Ranger badge (Ellie was told she was too young). The Arch felt more like we were at an airport and it wasn’t the friendliest experience, but it was a good experience seeing the Arch anyway. We decided not to go up in the Arch this time as we thought our kids are a little too young for the line and close quarters, but we have plenty to do when we come back to St Louis again someday!


Now it was time to go to the City Museum. This museum is like no other you have seen. It is made of recycled materials from the city of St. Louis and is like a big, quirky, 4 story playground for adults and kids that you could easily get lost in. It cost $12 per person for ages 3 and up and $5 extra for each person for the roof. We opted not to do the roof this time, but it looks really cool with a ferris wheel and other fun things up there. Another thing to do again when we come back! Being in this museum was kind of like being lost in a weird, yet cool, dream.

On the first floor, if you go off to the right, was my favorite spot! There was an aquarium and an area to climb with slides everywhere. Tyler and I went on a climbing adventure, and went who knows where and down a bunch of slides. There is also an area in this section where there are really fun caves, and a 10 story, and 5 story slide that were made from shoe shoots. We all went down the 5 story slide, but since you have to be taller than 46″ or so for the larger slide, I went on that one by myself! It was fun, and a little dizzying, but it didn’t feel quite like 10 stories to me.


There were 3 more floors of unexpected fun with areas for little kids, a room of skateboard ramps that kids use as slides (Tyler’s favorite), the “World’s Largest Pencil” (Ellie’s favorite to walk on) a couple of small cafes, one café area that housed old arcade games and “The World’s Largest Pair of Underwear”, and much more. Let us know if you go there and spot those “wonders”!

We explored in the museum for a few hours, then went outside on the first floor where the kids loved the ball pit area that was full of playground balls. Then we went on a family climbing adventure on the outdoor apparatus, and went in old planes and the kids showed their bravery and no signs of being afraid of heights! We were proud of all they did that day and we sure got a workout and had fun too. We will be back to the City Museum someday for sure!

We then went to David’s Aunt and Uncles house, and we enjoyed staying with them, their family, and David’s Aunt Adeline too! They all spoiled our family with lots of fun, and amazing food, and we had a great time. We loved getting to connect with them, and the kids loved them too! We visited the beautiful St. Louis Zoo, and the Transportation Museum with them and had a great time there. We didn’t get to see everything in the zoo, so that is another stop we can make again someday. This zoo is free, which is amazing, and then has certain areas and activities in the zoo that you can pay about $4 each to see if you would like. We especially enjoyed the Penguins, the swimming Polar Bear, and the Butterfly House in this zoo!

Another place we wanted to make it to on this trip was the Science Museum,  but we will have to save that one for another trip as well!


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