First time in Texas!

David had been to Texas before, but for the rest of us, this state was a first time visit! We spent our first two weeks in Texas at Lake Tawakoni Thousand Trails in East Tawakoni. It was a toasty 95 degrees on the warm days and the pool was closed for the season. They did have mini golf, however, so Tyler was happy! We found a nice spot in section I with a view of the lake and beautiful sunsets.

We quickly started to realize, though, that there were lots of spiders, red ants, and creepy crawlers around which were fine. That is to be expected when camping. What wasn’t fine though, was after the first day there when Tyler’s small bite that appeared on his leg turned into a little ulcer with a shiny blue circle in the middle of it. I put some natural remedies on it but became concerned that it may be a brown recluse bite. He didn’t have any pain after minimal pain that first day when the bite had at first looked like a normal little red ant bite. Once we saw that the bite was growing (pic above), we took him to urgent care, and they prescribed oral antibiotics and an antibiotic cream. I am not a fan of taking antibiotics unless they are completely necessary, but this was one of those cases where the bite was getting worse and spreading so we had to use them and were extremely grateful for the antibiotics and what they are able to do. They quickly stopped the bite from spreading and it healed over well. We were thankful that Tyler didn’t have any further pain and that it healed well! There wasn’t a ton to do in the area around where our campground was, so we spent quite a bit of time there.

I saw that there had been a huge communal spider web in Lake Tawakoni State Park some years earlier. We soon after the bite saw spiders all under our RV awnings that were making our home, their home. So we sprayed our RV down, and moved our cozy spot under the shade of the trees with the lake view, to a site out in the sun with RV storage behind it.

We were in the Tawakoni area for David to do a worship team workshop, and we led worship on Sunday morning at Stonepoint Church in nearby Wills Point, Texas.  David also led worship the next week at another Stonepoint Church Campus that meets in the school building in Edgewood.  We enjoyed the people that we got to know at the church and the whole church was very welcoming, friendly, and kind!

We took a trip to Tyler, TX and dubbed it Tyler day, though he was tired and not too impressed. We went to Tyler to visit the Discovery Science Place, but when we got there, they happened to be closed for the week for renovations. We instead went to the Tyler Rose Gardens. It was a very hot day, so we ended this trip with a trip to Aldi, and we were ready to head back home. Another day, we visited Canton for the Canton Trade Days, First Monday Flea Market. It was so big, we really did get lost for a bit!

Since Dallas was a little over an hour away, we only spent one day in Dallas. David’s Dad works in the Dallas area during the week, so we got to stay with him for one night in Dallas and then explore the city a bit the next day. We made sure to visit the JFK assassination site at Dealey Plaza. We decided not to go into the 6th floor museum with the kids, but definitely would have if we had been there by ourselves. I did a lot of researching of this tragic event before visiting the sight to have more insight into what happened and it really made me sad to think about all that happened on that tragic day and all that Jacqueline Kennedy went through.

Since we didn’t have too much time in Dallas, we walked the city to get a good feel for it and to our next destination. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This was probably our favorite nature museum so far. It was four floors of fun and learning. The kids especially loved the sports area on the bottom floor where they could race certain types of animals or sports stars. They also loved the music studio, dinosaur and birds exhibits, and earthquake simulator. This museum hold many more surprises that we really enjoyed. It is a must do!


I heard that the shopping is phenomenal in Dallas, but we didn’t get to make it to the Galleria. I had also wanted to visit the Art Museum, but we weren’t able to make it before closing time. It seems that we still have much to do and see even in the cities where we have been! That is the beauty of being an explorer, you can never run out of places to explore!


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