Canyons, Cadillacs, and RVs in Amarillo


We were ready to head out of Tawakoni, TX, so we piled in the RV to star our journey west towards New Mexico for the Balloon Fiesta that was in just a couple of days. On the way over we met David’s Dad at Hutchins BBQ in McKinney, TX. It was a great meal! They have an all you can eat option, that the guys got and loved! We will be sure to stop there again for some tasty BBQ and all of the fixins’ if we are in the area again!

On our way west out of Texas, we stayed one night at Brushy Creek Vineyard in Alvord, TX. It was a small town vineyard with a very kind owner who gave us a paved parking pad to park on, and gave us a nice tour of his vineyard! Our next stop was in Canyon, TX at Bar Z Winery. We loved this spot, the owner was fun and nice, and this gave us a nice view of the nearby canyon. We are loving Harvest Hosts so far! We had heard that Palo Duro Canyon was the “Grand Canyon of Texas”, and it was only about 15 minutes away, so we decided to stop at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

It was the prettiest site we had seen so far and worth the stop! We drove down into the canyon and the kids got to stand on a stage where they sometimes have a production. I had heard that the Trading Post on the canyon floor had good rolled ice cream, so we stopped in there. There was a nice campground right next to the trading post that we made a note that we would like to stay in someday, although, I am not sure that we would ever be able to leave since the hill out of the canyon is so steep! The Trading Post had nice souvenirs, good food, and great ice cream, so it did not disappoint. We drove around the canyon floor taking in the beautiful sites, and found a small cave that we could climb up to and in! The kids loved this and got a good hike in for the day.

Next, we heard that Cadillac Ranch was one of those roadside attractions that you had to stop at, so we went there and got some fun pics! We also headed to the historic Route 66 area in town, but didn’t see much there. We saw that the free Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum nearby was the #1 listed attraction in Amarillo , so we decided it was worth a stop. We headed in there and were impressed with all of the restored RV’s that you could walk into. It was a lot of fun to see how the old RV’s were set up! We even found the beautiful red Goerneke Bus from the movie RV that we love! It was interesting to see what it looked like on the inside as it was not what I expected at all!


We were happy that we had decided to stop in the Amarillo area and that we didn’t miss Palo Duro Canyon!


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