Lovely Lake Tahoe


We set out from Southern California, heading north on 395 through mountain passes headed 7 hours north to Minden, NV for a worship weekend that David was leading at a church there!

We stopped one night at the Alabama Hills free wild camping site and we were smitten! We pulled into the closest open site to the road since we knew we would only be there a night. We saw some gorgeous mountains out of our front window, and little did we know until talking to another camper nearby, we had a view of Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the continental U.S. It was a pretty site to stay at, and as usual we wished we had more time there, but we were happy to have found it and gotten to stay for a free night this time!

We passed through some small towns here and there on our way to Minden, and stopped in at Mammoth Lakes for a couple of beautiful photos before having to head on to make it to our next destination on time. It was a beautiful, mountainous drive, and we were proud of Irv for making it through the mountains so easily!

We arrived in Minden just in time for David’s first meeting that night at High Sierra Fellowship. We loved the church we were at that weekend and the people there were so nice! David led a Thursday night worship team workshop, we did a Friday night worship night, and Saturday Worship Conference, and Sunday morning worship too. Everywhere you looked in Minden, you also had snowcapped mountain views that were gorgeous! We experienced our coldest temperatures here so far, with the nights getting into the lower 30’s and our water hose outside froze one night, but thawed quickly!

After Minden, we headed to Lake Tahoe. As usual, we didn’t know what to expect. We stayed at Tahoe Valley RV Resort (an Encore resort) amongst the tall trees in a great location right in South Lake Tahoe. We were right across the street from restaurants, a Starbucks, and grocery stores here so everything was convenient to get to. While there, we stumbled on the Lake Tahoe Pizza Company right across the street, and enjoyed their BBQ Massacre pizza! We also enjoyed the dessert and coffee at Revive in South Lake Tahoe. While in town we played mini golf nearby, and visiting the Heavenly Shopping Center. The Gondola there wasn’t open for our end of October visit, and the ice skating rink wasn’t quite open yet either, but they looked like they would have been great activities if we had visited in November!

The drive up the mountain from South Lake Tahoe to Emerald Bay, and the 1 mile hike down the mountain into Emerald Bay where the castle is were the most scenic view we have seen so far! The lake is an icy, clear blue because of the elevation it is at, and the castle was beautiful as were the mountains and the small waterfalls along the trail. The next day, we hiked the Twin Falls trails, which was also beautiful, and was a shorter uphill hike that the kids did great on.

We hope to see you again someday, lovely Lake Tahoe!

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