Hello, Big Sur!


For a few days, we stayed an hour south of San Francisco, at Morgan Hill RV Resort. We liked this RV Park, and the kids especially loved the weekend activities and watching the movie “Home” with other kids. Since we were closer to Monterey and Big Sur, we took advantage of that and took day trips there!


Big Sur was a place we had seen pictures of, and were hoping to see since we started our trip, but we weren’t sure if we would get there. On my day off, we decided to travel down the coast to Big Sur. It was awesome! Beautiful sites of mountains meeting the ocean. We beat the rain that morning on driving South as far as the road was open in Lucia, and then the rain hit when we headed back.


We didn’t realize that we had made it to THE Big Sur Bridge, because there were a couple of similar bridges first, but luckily we had stopped and taken pictures at THE bridge without knowing for sure. Not far after the bridge, we stopped at the Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant for the restroom, but found good coffee, and pastries. We drove much further, but missed McWay Falls along the way since we had no cell coverage and didn’t know it was in Julia Burns Pfeiffer State Park. On the way back it started raining, and we stopped for lunch at Nepenthe on the way back and it was a splurge, but totally work it with beautiful views even with the fog and rain!


Another day, we headed to Monterey and saw Cannery Row, ate at the Fish Hopper, and walked along the coast. We saw some seals on the beach, and walked a ways down the road to Lover’s Point which was another pretty area. We walked past the amazing Monterey Bay Aquarium since our membership didn’t work there and it would have been $160 for us to go in for the day. We are sure we missed out, but we get to go to many other great aquariums with our membership. We stopped by the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary there too, but there were only a few butterflies that we could spot.Next, we headed to the nearby town of Carmel. We loved this charming town and would have liked to spent more time there! There is a Hill of shops (make sure to stop by the cute Cottage of Sweets), and alleys with more shops, and at the bottom of the hill are fine white sand beaches where we saw a beautiful sunset.

We definitely recommend everyone who hasn’t been there, put San Francisco, Carmel, hiking in Pacifica, and Big Sur on a vacation list! We loved all of these places.


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