Dealing with the Fear of Missing Out


Whether traveling or not, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is real! We have seen so much, yet we have missed out and had to pass up major attractions, people we would have loved to have gotten to spend time with, and things we would have loved to see. The restrictions of time, weather, or money are the three biggest culprits of that.


I winced and closed my eyes when we had to pass by the Petrified Forest, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Hearst Castle, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, San Diego Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Channel Islands National Park, and Alcatraz to name a few big misses already in these first months. Many of those places are still on our list, and others are just too expensive in the near future for us to want to spend the money to go to. Maybe some day we will make it back around and see some of those things, and maybe not. Either way, it is ok. We have seen so much and have had to make decisions on which way to go, how much we are willing to spend, and what to do while we are in each place.


Mostly I look on TripAdvisor and find what the top things are to do in each area. We then pick from those things by our interest in them, ease of getting there, time restrictions, and costs. There is always plenty to do in each spot that we are in. Unless we stayed in each area for extended periods of time, with unlimited funds, we will never see it all. We are grateful for what we get to see and sad to miss some things along the way, but in the grand scheme of things, we are going to be just fine if we don’t go to Disneyland, the kids don’t even know about it, and we come out $550 ahead if we don’t go to Disney that day. I love Disney, and know the kids would too, and technically we could do it….but it wouldn’t be a smart use of our resources when we are also flying across the country to be home for the holidays. This was definitely the hardest miss for me, because I wanted to take the kids, but we were at Disney World about 2 years ago, and we will go again someday, maybe even when we are back in the near future! This time, we had plenty else to see and do while in LA that we enjoyed.


We all have to pick and choose how we spend our time and resources. And none of us can do everything. This is what we have chosen to do with our resources for now, and we make tons of decisions every week, and experience FOMO on at least a weekly basis, but just have to keep moving on, and enjoying our choices. If we really feel like we missed out on something great, we will put it on our list in hopes for a next time! If you have something that you are really wanting to do, but circumstances for one reason or another are getting in the way, work towards it and put it on your list for next time! Send us the pics when you make it to your places on your bucket list!

Are there any places you have had to drive by or skip on your trips or times when you deal with the Fear Of Missing Out?


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