The Beauty of Less


We couldn’t believe how much stuff we had in our small home when we decided to start downsizing! We had only lived in our last home for about 6 years, but we had accumulated and held onto so many things that we didn’t really need. Our kids had sooo many clothes and baby items that we had stored away just in case another baby came along. It was difficult to go through everything and get rid of so much, but once we started, there was no stopping us. As a deal shopper, I was sad to see how many things I had bought that we had never used.


Downsizing was a huge job that took many months for us to get rid of give away, and sell most of our things. Once we were all done, it felt really good to have less things. We now only own necessities, and it gives us so much less to keep track of, have to clean, and sort through. As parents, it decreases our stress just a bit. Moving was a breeze!

Another beautiful thing for us about the mindset of living with less, has been the less we have, the less we want. This helps us save a lot! When you are living in a smaller space, you don’t want to clutter it up. It can be easy to take care of and keep organized if you have less things, and everything has it’s place. It also takes less time to clean a small space, so that is a plus too!



Even though our home was not big, there was still a lot of space in it that we weren’t using. In a smaller space, our family is closer, and spending more time together.  We now live with family too, so that gives us more time to spend with our families than ever before when life was so busy. We are able to do much more without our stuff holding us back. These have been a few more big benefits for us! Now we know where the saying comes from…Less is more!

If you have downsized, what were your biggest benefits that you saw come out of living with less?

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