Home Sweet Home


“If you want to be happy in a million ways, for the holidays you can’t beat Home Sweet Home!” -Perry Como “Home for the Holidays”

We put our RV and car in storage, and hopped on a Spirit plane at LAX. We sat by the friendliest mom and daughter duo, who played with the kids along the 5 hour flight home! We loved getting to make new friends on the plane and appreciated the sweetness of these 2 kind souls who are greatly contributing to the medical field! Even though it can be a bear to navigate airports, it is much easier than a road trip across the county. The kids love to fly, so they enjoyed this trip home! We fly Spirit Airlines when we can because the great prices are hard to beat.


We flew in with the first big snow storm of the year! There was snow on the ground and the temps were in the teens to -5 just about the whole 6 weeks that we were home! In keeping with the many things go wrong along the way. We got home to find that our 2nd car that was waiting at home for us had some electrical issues that we had to get taken care of while home. It was also our goal to sell this car while home this time!

Another task to get done while home was lots of dentist, ophthalmologist, and Dr appointments of every kind that we had scheduled well in advance. David got his first pair of glasses, and I, being the lucky duck I am, got bloodwork, a shots, a biopsy, and a very minor “surgery” for a precancerous skin lesion (thanks to yearly skin checks and dermatologist for catching this early).

David had arranged all of the music for the Christmas Eve services at our home church at Allison Park Church where he has been on staff for 10 years. We also got to spend Christmas Eve Morning with my family at my dad’s church Victory in Vienna, Ohio (coincidentally the same building as the church we attended and my dad led worship at for the first few years of my life before we went to Victory). It was fun to get to be at both Christmas Eve services! While home, we also got to attend Victory in Coitsville, the church where I grew up. It always feels like home there also with so many friendly and familiar faces!

Our family from Indiana, Kentucky, and Philadelphia on both sides of the family were in town for a few days around Christmas, so we spent as much time as possible with all of them around Christmas. It is always fun to catch up with our brothers and sisters and spend time with all of their kids also. We also got to go to my great grandma’s on Christmas night and spend time with my mom’s side of the family. 3 houses on Christmas!


It was fun spending time with all of the people who know and love us most in Ohio and eastern PA. We had enough of the cold weather though, and headed back to our RV in sunny Los Angeles for our next leg of the trip!



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