Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties on a Budget

IMG_0583.jpgBetween our 2 kids, we have thrown plenty of birthday parties. The price of parties depends largely on the amount of people we invite and how extravagant of a party we want to throw.


One option for cutting cost on parties is to host a family and close friends party at a house. This type of party usually involves a little more planning and decorating. Easy food options are ordering pizza. Have you tried Little Caesar’s recently? Their pizza is pretty good, and is $5 for a large, or $8 for their Deep Deep Dish, which is one of our faves. This is an affordable way to feed everyone! Whip up a good salad, and/or fruit salad, and your food can be set! Make an easy punch, or just have pop, juice boxes, and water available. My favorite way to decorate for a home party is with Etsy printable party packages. Find an affordable one, print and cut out the decorations. The dollar tree is an even easier and more affordable place to get party decorations, tablecloths, and plastic serving dishes, plates, and silverware. Order a cake, our favorites are from Sam’s Club and that is where we got all of the cakes in the pictures for $15-$22! Depending on the kids’ ages you can plan a couple of easy games (or not) and this party is ready to start!

Another option that is even easier than a home party, is a kid’s party location, such as Chuck E Cheese where you can pay as little as 13.99 per kid for play time, a party host, and food (we also tip our party host a bit because I was once a party host and tips made my day). Order an affordable cake there, or our favorite place to buy cakes is at Sam’s Club because they taste good, and the value on cupcakes and character cakes are amazing! We can have a small party here with 6 kids and a cake for $100 and use online coupons to add on pizza and/or drinks for the adults for added costs. You could also just buy a $10 cake at Chuck E Cheese and tokens and pizza for the guests and have a more informal party here. Video below of our daughter’s 4th Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese.

Some more options for party places that are easy to throw fun parties with minimal effort and usually at an affordable cost are bowling allies, local play places, Build-a-Bear, skating or ice skating rinks, and movie theaters. Fun Fore All and Lightning Bug are two fun play places that are unique to our hometown that our kids enjoy! You can either schedule a party at these places or throw your own there also. A key to keeping the price down is keeping the party as small as possible.


Party planning done! Easy peasy!

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