Changing Time Zones When Traveling


When traveling, time zones can be a bigger deal than you first imagine! On a larger scale when traveling internationally, but we have felt the effects even just when traveling across the US! First of all, just keeping in contact with friends and family, or for a job can be a challenge until you get the hang of it. It can also be hard with kids or for yourself, to get used to changing bed times when traveling. An option to prepare for this is to gradually change bedtimes for kids especially!

pexels-photo.jpgSometimes the time changes can work in your favor, like if you are traveling west. We left Pittsburgh on a 5 hour plane ride at 6am, and arrived in Los Angeles before 9am! We still had a full day left. However, if you are traveling the opposite way, you need to be aware of that time change that will be waiting for you on the other side.


When traveling slowly across the country, in a car or an RV, you can ease into the time changes, but it will still effect you in some way. Here is a link to a map of the USA time zones with current times, if in case like me, every time you cross a state, you wonder if you need to change the times on your clock! Thankfully our phones automatically switch to keep us on target. It might not be so bad to have 4 clocks in our house for time zones across the USA (like the ones below), because calculating in your head when you need to be at that 2 o’clock EST meeting, while you are in PST can just be too much brain power some days! I kid…I kid….but it might not be a bad idea…hmmmm! Let’s not even think about flying or driving into a new time zone on a daylight savings day…mind blown!


Do you have any funny (or not funny) stories of times when a time change had an effect on you? For us we have seen it most effect our kids bedtimes…which is so not funny at the time! I may also have texted a friend or family member at 1am their time, because it was only 10pm here!


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