What is Boondocking?

Here we sit right outside of Joshua Tree National Park, boondocking on BLM Land for FREE. The views are gorgeous, the sunset and starry night sky are beautiful, and the RV sites are spread apart. It is so quiet out here! A nice change of pace from the more crowded (yet usually still pretty peaceful) […]

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Explore Your State!

I have been amazed on this journey so far by how many people haven’t been to some of the main attractions in their own state! I was 2 hours north of Yosemite and spoke to a guy who said he would love to go there someday and was jealous that we would probably get to […]

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Cease Striving

Life became so much better when I let go. Let go of expectations I had unknowingly placed on others. Let go of my striving to make things happen, to pursue wealth, maintain an image, or achieve success. I came to a point where I realized some of the things I was holding onto, and my […]

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