Cease Striving

cease striving

Life became so much better when I let go. Let go of expectations I had unknowingly placed on others. Let go of my striving to make things happen, to pursue wealth, maintain an image, or achieve success. I came to a point where I realized some of the things I was holding onto, and my attempts to control them, just weren’t healthy for me. I had a decision to make…I could either walk through life holding on to these things with my fists clenched, or open my hands.


I decided to stop striving, let go of what was in my hands, and gave it to God to help me sort through. Some things were left by the wayside, some things were put on hold, and others were picked up to carry on. The things that remained were a job that I enjoy, more time with my family, learning to live well with less, have more amazing experiences, and trusting God with the rest.


Now, it makes me sad when I see people pursuing a goal that will never end, where contentment is never in sight. The pursuit of limitless wealth, things that provide temporary happiness, or the image they feel like they need to maintain. Expectations placed on others that will never be achieved and will leave them in a state of disappointment. We all have to find a way to support our families and most of the time that is by working hard, which I do also, but I have found that sometimes enough can be enough. I always struggled before with not being content. Most days I still do in some way, but I have finally found the place where I can be content in what God has given me without being complacent. Being content brings me peace!


I wasn’t made to strive, I was made to live! I would rather spend my days living than striving. Working a job that I like, than a job that I dread. We all have the freedom to let go of things that aren’t good for us, find what is best, and cease striving. Life is no easier now that I have let go of expectations of others and of myself, but somehow, it is much better!


Letting go and giving up can be two very different things! Don’t give up…just let go!                                                                                                                                                   -Emily

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