How to Get Mail While Traveling


There are multiple ways to collect your mail while traveling. If you will only be gone a short while, you could just put a hold on your mail online at, and get your mail delivered when you get back home. We have a family member collect our mail and keep an eye on it and send the important stuff (thanks, mom)! The rest we sort when home. You can also hire a mail service, such as, Escapees, St Brendan’s Isle, or Traveling Mailbox, etc. to sort and send your mail to you when you choose.

If you will be in one location for a period of time, you can have your mail delivered there, as long as they accept mail for the tenants.

Another option for occasional items in a location where you can’t have it delivered, is to get postage and packages delivered to a local post office that accepts general delivery. The way you can find the Post Office that handles General Delivery in an area, is to call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) and request to talk to Customer Service. You can also find General Delivery information at any Post Office, or by selecting the “Look Up a ZIP Code” button on the home page. When having packages delivered as general delivery, you may have to pay an added fee at the post office to pick up your package. The post office in general can hold your mail up to 30 days. You can address a general delivery package as

Your Name

General Delivery

Anytown, State Zip Code

pexels-photo-712319.jpegIf like us you stay at Thousand Trails often, here is a handy guide that shows great options for mail delivery at each Thousand Trails park. Talk to the office at the park you are at also to make sure this info is up to date and with any other questions you have at each park.

We also use amazon a lot, and will either put in the address where we are staying, or will have our packages delivered to an amazon locker. Find more info about Amazon Lockers and locations here.

Watch our quick video below on ways we have gotten mail on the road!


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