How do Kids Go To School While Traveling?


There is no one way that families who travel school their children. It is safe to say thought that children who travel often usually get amazing first hand education. For our children, we especially enjoy giving them that first hand education by traveling to new cities, National and State Parks, and exploring museums and zoos where the kids (and we) learn so much! We also use an online school for our kids that is connected to our state where we live when we are home throughout the year. Our daily schedule most often consists of a morning exploring an area or attraction in the town we are in while there is daylight, and the afternoon getting school done.

Each states requirements for homeschooling are very different, and this site provides a comprehensive view of what is required in each state if you plan to homeschool. Click on your state on the map on that site to see exactly what is required for homeschooling. The online program that we use is connected to the state we live in, so we don’t have to keep up with all of the requirements for homeschooling for that state, which we like about this program. We thought about switching from this online state based program to an easier to manage, more flexible online program, but the requirements each year by the state was a bit of a hassle, and didn’t seem worth it to us for the time being. Some states don’t require much at all for homeschooling, and some are very strict in all of the requirements.

Many families who travel do choose to homeschool on their own, and/or use programs such as EasyPeasy, Acellus, Abeka, K12, Connections, and many other sites and curriculums. It is up to each child’s parents to decide what learning style works best for the child and what curriculum meets their needs. It is also important to stay educated on what your state of residency requires to be sure you are not only providing your kids with knowledge to succeed, but also legally and responsibly educating your children as you travel.

After traveling a very short time, we soon realized that the education that we were getting as adults, and providing our children with was priceless. To experience everything first hand, visit Presidential museums, battlefield sites, petroglyphs, Indian Reservations, different states, parks, zoos, and countless museums, while still attending school 5 days a week, is a rich education that we so appreciate being able to get and to give to our children! Our country and it’s history and geography have become so much more real to us on this journey.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions, and if you travel, or plan to, what type of schooling or curriculum do you use for your children? We can’t wait to hear!




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