How to Get Internet While Traveling


How do we get internet on the road? Our carrier for our phones is AT&T. We can use our phones as hotspots, or we also have a Mobley from AT&T that can hook up to our car, or use a cord and plug in as well. When we got our Mobley, it was only $20 a month for “unlimited” internet. We are able to have 5 devices connected, and can also stream with this device as well. We are happy we got in on that plan because last I heard, the Mobley monthly plan had gone up.

So you can choose your carrier, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint. Verizon has slightly better coverage overall, and especially in the west it seems, but many RVers use Verizon most, so their towers may be overloaded and internet may be slower in areas where there are a lot of RVs. Many RVers who need to always be connected use Verizon. We personally use AT&T and we need internet daily for our jobs, and we did well all the way across the country….until we got to California where our internet has been mostly ok, but there have been spots where we didn’t have a signal at all (Ponderosa RV Park, San Benito RV Park, in most National Parks, and Big Sur). Everywhere else so far, even in the middle of nowhere in Arizona at the moment, our internet has been really good with just AT&T and the Mobley.

We had thought about getting Verizon as well, to always have 2 internet options and this is what many RVers who need internet for work do, and it is a smart thing to do. We will do this if we find we need to somewhere, however, if we were doing that already just in case, we would have wasted a lot of money in our first year of traveling. Anywhere where we have been so far where we couldn’t get a signal, there was either a lodge, coffee shop, or restaurant nearby where we could get good internet. I often like to work at coffee shops too for the change of scenery and increased focus for me to only get my work done. However, if we did travel out in the wild more often, which we do plan to do this year, we would benefit from another carrier. We will see if we get another carrier in the near future, but we hope we won’t need to.


Another option to be able to pick up internet in areas where the signal is not so great is a booster, but those can be expensive, and we haven’t needed one of those yet either. We have a very small antenna that can help when needed and it may have helped us once or twice.

At the moment AT&T has one of the best unlimited data plans for a mobile hot spot device for $90 or $20 if you already have an unlimited data plan on your phone. However, the best plan is always changing!

Technomadia are pros on the mobile internet front, and you can find a ton of great and in depth information about internet and plans on their website!

If you travel, please share with us in the comments what carrier you use most and what has worked best for you for internet!

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