What is there to do in Yuma, Arizona?

Don’t worry, it is not a real train track!

After leaving California, our travels brought us to Yuma, Arizona for a couple of weeks of staying in the warmth as much as possible for the cold month of February. We hadn’t looked into what there was to do in the Yuma area before booking our stay here, and once we got there thought it might be a little hard to fill those 2 weeks.


We stayed at Araby Acres, which is a 55+ age qualified resort, which we didn’t qualify for, but it was listed as one of the three Trails Collection Encore parks in Arizona that aren’t age qualified. It definitely was age qualified, but at some of those resorts they do allow families for 2 weeks or less, so when in an area where pretty much all of the RV campgrounds are age qualified, it doesn’t hurt to call to ask for a short stay. It was a pretty park with many park models that are mostly winter homes for Northerners and Canadians it seems! This whole town was very RV friendly, and was a great place to get somethings done on our RV that we have been wanting to do.

Yuma grew on us, we found a few places in this small city that we really enjoyed, and we cover what we found to do there, and how we spent our Valentine’s Day in Yuma in this video below.


If we head to Yuma again, it will be a shorter stay, but we were happy to get to know this town and spend some time there in the warm 60-75 degree daytime weather in February!


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