Painted Rocks Historic Petroglyphs Site near Dateland, AZ


We found a somewhat hidden gem when we traveled about 15 minutes off the beaten path to the Painted Rocks Petroglyphs Site near Dateland, AZ. This stop was in between Yuma and Tucson, and about an hour and a half north of Organ Pipe National Monument as well. Here are the coordinates 33.023150, -113.047220


This is a national historic site and is an area with a small, rocky hill that is filled with history and Petroglyphs. We loved learning about the site, and there is a BLM Campground right next to it that you can stay at for up to 14 days at a time. It costs $8 a night or $4 a night with a National Parks Golden Age or Access Pass. This is a first come first serve dry camping, but there are pit toilets and dumpsters at the site. There are 60 sites at this campground, and there were many open when we were there in February. The sites are easy to get to, and many of them are pull-throughs. Tent camping is allowed here as well and there are also a couple of group camping areas too. The views of the mountains were very nice, and there were some trails and a wash area you could walk in towards the back of the campground area. This was the quietest, most secluded area we have stayed in so far. The closest store and gas station were 30 minutes away in Gila Bend. There was a nice free dump at the Shell gas station in Gila Bend that we stopped at to dump, fill up propane, and get gas on the way to our next boondocking site in Tucson.


We had planned to drive our car from here down to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, but our car’s brakes weren’t working well, so we left it hooked up to our RV and spent three nights at this site. There is also BLM land closer to Organ Pipe, but it would have been a bit out of the way for us, so we didn’t get to go there this time around. We definitely recommend this camping spot though if you like Petroglyphs, and are looking for a pretty, clean, easy, quiet place to stay!


See more about our stay at this site and more of the Petroglyphs in our YouTube video below!

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