Is what I am doing healthy?


When taking on a new adventure, career, life change, or ambitious endeavor, it is always important for us to stop and ask ourselves, is this healthy for me and my family, and to reassess that question as time goes on. At times, something that we thought was going to be healthy for us is not, or changes over time. We can honestly say that traveling has been healthy for our family at this time in our lives. We also know that in some instances, if people set out for a family adventure like this without being prepared financially, responsibly, with inadequate planning, or without having the right resources, it could be an unhealthy adventure for some. So what is healthy for one person, can be unhealthy for another.

Another thing that can be unhealthy for some is a bad relationship, an unfit job, diet habits, a move, or involvement in organizations. When looking at health and the weight of our decisions, it is so important to look at how our decisions effect our families and relationships with those we care about. Most jobs take quite a bit of time away from our families, as does mine, but I also enjoy it, and it helps provide for my family, so it is a healthy thing for me to have a job for the benefit of my family.


I was in an unhealthy situation with network marketing in a previous instance, and then again in a different instance about a year ago. I had started my business because I loved and wanted to share an amazing product that I believed in. After awhile though, I could see that I could see was beginning to breed feelings of selfishness, high expectations, taking things personally, and frequent disappointment, inadequacy, and was leading to depression, and it became so unhealthy for me. The minute that I saw it drawing a wedge between, and causing drama in my life, and close relationships that I cared about, I stopped what I was doing, reassessed this thing that I loved and wanted to share with others, and changed my course.

The people above me in that organization also had expectations for me to fulfill the goals that they had set for themselves, and when I didn’t fulfill what they expected of me to help them, I was no longer useful. It was hurtful that I was viewed as a means to their end, a stepping stone, only useful if I did things the way they wanted me to, and it was an eye opening moment of how I never wanted to treat another person. Though I still love the company and the product, I no longer place my value or worth in that at all, and think it can in some instances lead to an unhealthy mindset. I think network marketing and building a business in general is another one of those things that can be great for some people, and very unhealthy for others. If your relationships are constantly in upheaval, or built on what a person can do for you, that is NOT healthy, no matter how much, or as in my case, how little, you are making from it. Some people are spending more than they are making in hopes that it will all pan out someday and for some, it does, and it is an amazing support for their families. It can be a healthy endeavor for them, and the people they effect with their love for a company or product, and sharing of what they love.

Sometimes you just have to stop and ask yourself. Is this really good for me? Is it effecting the people I love most positively  or negatively. Have I lost relationships often over this thing, endeavor, or striving for more. Do I view people as valuable in and of themselves, not expecting anything from them, or when I meet someone or build a relationship with a new friend, do I think about what they could do for me?


On another note, we recently reassessed our diet, again. This is something we do often, as we need to get back on track often. This time though, we have moved toward a mostly plant based diet, but it is very flexible as well. We are making these changes for the health of our family, and I am so happy with our recent diet choices without them being too restrictive.

I would love to hear in the comments what experiences in your life have been healthy for you, and if there are any that you have realized were becoming unhealthy, and how you changed your course.


2 thoughts on “Is what I am doing healthy?

  1. Good question to ask yourself. My story–I spent fifteen years working in auto claims for a major insurance company. During that time my job went from being a very independent field adjuster with a company car to essentially a call-center agent stuck in a cubicle. I hated it, absolutely dreading going into work each day, but the pay was good so I wrestled between periods of looking for other jobs without success and recommitting myself to suck it up and stick it out. But inside I felt like my spirit was dying and it negatively affected my relationships with family, friends, and even with God. One night at dinner I heard my young daughter pray “help Daddy to find a job he likes better.” I had prayed for years for a different job and my wife and others had encouraged me to take steps to improve my situation, but when I heard my daughter pray about it I knew it was time to do something. That was the inspiration for me to work on an MBA, which got me out of my rut and led to a different career path that I love. Alas, I still work in a cubicle, but I’m not stuck in it.

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