Life in the Slow Lane


We never realized how much we, and many people around us were rushing through life until we slowed down a bit…and arrived on the west coast. We are not commonly slow drivers, maybe a little more so when traveling because we don’t know where we are or where our next turn is.

Especially in our RV we are living life in the slow lane, when on the road, or parked. We get so much more done, have so much more time together, and the time passes more slowly as well.


It is so nice to not live life in a hurry! Other people around us may not appreciate it so much, such as many of the drivers we encountered in California, who we couldn’t move fast enough for, even when driving in our car! Life is so much better when taking your time, not rushing from place to place, and having time to enjoy the moment.

It is hard not to feel bad for people who are rushing through life so fast, and everyone around them is inconveniencing them so much that they can’t take the time to enjoy life and the people around them.


Life was meant to live, to enjoy, to love, to contribute, and to care for others. I for one am happy to be enjoying life in the slow lane with family and friends. Life in the slow lane by myself wouldn’t be nearly as fun, but life in the slow lane with those I love is more than I could have ever hoped for and we are learning so much together!

Slow down and take the time to enjoy something you love today!


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