These Are The Good Old Days


Have you ever gotten that realization in the moment you are in now? It just hit me as I was looking through some of our recent photos. For me, where I am right now, these are good days! I have had good old days before, and found some right here in the moment. I am thankful for this realization. Right now, life is good. I am enjoying so much time with my family exploring new places together, and growing together. We have some health issues that we deal with, but right now, we are doing well.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Traveling as a family is not usually easy, living in a small space is usually simpler, but has it’s drawbacks too. Overall though, we love it and we love being closer as a family. It has been a great step for us. I am pretty sure with how our kids are enjoying life right now that they will look back at all of these pictures, posts, and videos, and remember their good old days fondly too. I hope they do…and I can only hope that these good old days just keep coming!


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