Home is where the snow is?!


We are back home in Ohio, it is the middle of April, and it is still snowing! How is this possible?! We were just in the 80 degree weather, experiencing summer-like weather in Phoenix, swimming everyday last week! We (especially me) loved being in warmer weather for a good part of this past winter. Only one thing could bring us back to winter weather in April…home.


We enjoy having a home base here, and getting to see our family and friends often, and for long periods at a time. We also get extra work done while we are home, go to our home churches, schedule doctor appointments, and see all of the new clothes and packages that we ordered recently and had delivered to the house while we were gone. This time when we came home, it felt like Christmas again! It is still snowing, and I had ordered some great stuff that I had forgotten about and got to open all of my “surprise” packages.

We had an interesting trip back this time too! Since we couldn’t find flight deals from Phoenix like we had last time from Los Angeles, we flew standby with buddy passes from a relative. We have done this before, but it has been awhile. We didn’t realize the week that we flew was still spring break for some students, so we had trouble getting on any planes that we needed to get to Pittsburgh. We got to the airport at 7:00am to try to get on the first flight from Phoenix to Pittsburgh. David and Ty finally got on their 4th flight attempt at 3:30pm with a direct flight home. Since El and I didn’t need to be back so soon, we ended up getting rerouted on connecting flights to get ourselves out of Phoenix! We had to fly from Phoenix to Las Vegas, a 10:30 at night 4 hr flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte (with 3 hour time change), and then a morning flight from Charlotte to Pittsburgh getting in at 9:30am. It was quite the trip, but we made it to Pittsburgh, and El was a trooper through all of that! She got a Las Vegas glitter globe for her efforts 🙂 I was proud of her!

We have had fun here, and have already done some work with churches on the weekends, seen lots of cousins, aunts, Grandmas and Grandpas, built a muddy snowman, went sled riding, and hung out with friends at coffee shops and book festivals where we met a Dinosaur! We are happy to be home and spending a lot of time with everyone…but the snow can stop now!!

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