Make it work


I am finding that this traveling lifestyle has a lot to do with resilience. How flexible and I, and how determined am I to make it work? I guess every area in life has a way of working itself out if we are flexible and determined enough to see it through.

We have grand plans for our summer, working, traveling, and visiting many amazing National Parks that we have never been to, but we know these plans are up in the air at the moment due to new work and ministry opportunities. We also are somewhat winging it with where we are parking our RV, which isn’t the easiest thing to do in the summer months around the busy National Park areas that we are venturing into. But, we have some great tools for finding places to stay, and know we can make it work.


As a planner who likes to have stays scheduled months in advance, and staying in the safety of campgrounds with electricity most of the time, I am a little nervous for this undertaking. We will have to plan out where we are staying on certain areas that are free land, if we can get internet in that spot to work,  how many days we can stay in each spot, where we will get gas, water, and dump our tanks, and get groceries as well. Then once we get there, we determine what we have time to do and see in each area. It is not a hard task necessarily, just more unknowns, and more planning than staying in campgrounds where everything is usually close by and simpler.

It is interesting how some people who set out on adventures end up loving it, and some hate it! Much of this seems to do with planning, personal experiences, and finances in the first year especially. It is around the year point, and sometimes even sooner, that some people decide they don’t want to do it anymore, and some people keep going on for extended periods of time. A lot else about this has to do with personal preferences, and also depends partially on flexibility, determination, and resilience. I am proud of our resilience so far. If we had gotten out there, and any of us had just given up on the hard days, it would have been a difficult time for us. We are all pressing on though on the hard, or easy days, and able to enjoy it regardless of the day we are having. Irvin, our RV, has also been treating us pretty well on this trip, so that has been a huge help throughout our trip.


It seems that happiness in life depends a lot on resilience, persistence, and making it work!

2 thoughts on “Make it work

  1. Our first year of full-time RVing was a perpetual learning experience for me. We changed our direction so many times that now it’s a matter of fact. We go on faith–a lot. I used to be a planner with everything marked down to a “t.” Now, it’s an exciting sense of adventure to wander into the unknown–or to decide at the last minute to head west instead of east. It’s a true sense of freedom and the only thing holding me back from enjoying it was my need to plan everything to death and embrace the endless possibilities. I don’t do that anymore. We work on generalities and timelines and have the flexibility to change it on a moment’s notice. I have so much less stress and it has truly helped me enjoy the journey. Safe travels to you and your family! Dawn


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