Columbus, Ohio

IMG_3154.jpgThough it is not my hometown, Columbus is my favorite city in my home state of Ohio. There is plenty to do there, and great shopping, which spells a win for me! It is also a state that is full of Ohio pride, being the center of the state, the capital of Ohio, and the town where The Ohio State University resides. We seem to make it out to Columbus at least once a year for an event, or a short trip.

At this time last year, we were here for my Dad’s surprise 60th Birthday, in which my sisters and my sister’s family, were all coming into town to meet up and surprise my Dad for his birthday dinner.


Before the event, we avoided the Easton area, where we were surprising my Dad later in the day, ventured down to one of his favorite coffee shops in the area, Mission, and ate across the street at Donato’s Pizza. In this large city, as we were walking across the street from lunch to the coffee shop, we hear, “Hey, it’s David and Emily!” in my dad’s voice. That is right, we hadn’t communicated where we were with my mom, and ended up in the same part of the city, at the same exact time and kind of ruined surprising him. When he asked why we were here, all I could say since I am pretty much unable to lie these days was, “I don’t know….We were just looking at RV’s to buy nearby”. It was quite hilarious, and sad at the same time! Nevertheless, my sisters still surprised him at dinner, and we had a great time together! On that trip we visited COSI (free with ASTC membership), and the Columbus Zoo (50% off with AZA membership). These are two great activities that we definitely recommend!


This time, we were in town as David was leading worship with 2 of his friends from college’s church, One Church, in Gahanna, and we stayed in the Easton area which is our favorite. On the way into town, we stopped at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is about 2 hours northeast of Columbus. That night, we went to Melt, and ordered some amazingly, somewhat sinful, sandwiches. Their menu is preposterous, and delicious at the same time. David ordered the Cheese Steak, and I, in my usual fashion, ordered the dessert dinner, Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich, and it was delicious. It was full of roasted peanuts, peanut butter, carmelized bananas, and cream cheese, and on the side, was a scrumptious berry dip to dip the sandwich in. I shared mine with the kids, because it was a kid’s dream in addition to mine, and we shared a plate of BBQ Beef Nachos that was very good as well. After that, we somehow still had clean shirts, and were “Alive from Ohio”, and headed to Easton Town Center for a little shopping.


The next day, we went to church, where David helped lead worship for their 3 services, and then headed to lunch with his friends, and went for a drive around the city stopping at Mission Coffee, and driving past German Village, and part of the Scioto Mile to check out these two areas that we hadn’t stopped at before. The kids swam in the hotel pool, which was all they wanted to do on this trip, and we had dinner at Hot Chicken Takeover that was right next to Melt, and had been recommended to us. A weekend of healthy eating at it’s finest….NOT! But it was good! On Monday, he met with some of the worship leaders, and did a team worship night. Since COSI was closed this day, we instead headed to the zoo again. Some of our favorite animals at the Columbus Zoo are the manatees, koalas, the cheetahs, and we also like the open savannah with giraffes, zebras, and gazelles. There are a couple of nice playgrounds in this zoo too!


If you have been to Columbus, where are some of your favorite places to go and eat in this city? There is quite a bit to choose from here!


2 thoughts on “Columbus, Ohio

  1. I went to the Columbus Zoo on my trip to Ohio in October, it is such a great zoo! And I love the Manatees too!! 🙂


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