Cuyahoga Valley National Park

I grew up only an hour away from Ohio’s only National Park, and just recently realized it. I had been to nearby Cleveland, and even Cuyahoga Falls before, but I don’t think I ever heard anyone even talk about Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Most National Parks cost a fee to get into, but this one is free!

While we were home again, we had planned to spend a day here with family, but the weather was cold and rainy, and the train ride through the park was all booked up when we had planned to go, so we didn’t make it yet. Then, we were passing through on a trip from the Youngstown area to Columbus, and decided to stop in. The weather was still in the low 40’s, even though May was only a few days away, and it was lightly sprinkling again too. Better than snowing anyway!

Since we were on the South side of the park, we visited the Boston Visitor Center, and the Brandywine Falls. We also had planned to go on a trail with ledges nearby, and make it to the Bridal Veil Falls, but since those falls were 15 mins north, and we were headed south, we decided we will go there another time. It was a short, easy walk, including some steps, that took us from the parking lot down to the falls.

Cuyahoga park is known for the train that you can schedule to drive through the area, which I hear is especially beautiful in the fall, the nice bike and running trails, and the few waterfalls in the park. There is also a Bed and Breakfast near the Bridal Veil Falls that is uncommon in most National Parks. The part of the park at least that we saw was a little less in the wilderness than some other National Parks, and has houses all around where we were driving, so cell signal was good for us.

It was perfect to get our National Park fix during National Park week, and to explore a new area in my home state! We will share some of our favorite things about our hometown cities soon!


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