There is nothing to do around here!


“There is nothing to do around here.”

As a person who likes to be on the go, and exploring new things, I tend to get bored pretty easily when I am in the same place for a long time. I know I myself have said this many times when growing up in a small town, otherwise known as a village. When you live, or visit somewhere long enough, or where there is not much to do, sometimes it is beneficial to take a step out of your normal routines, and things you normally would do for fun, and go somewhere new in your town, or a small town that you are visiting.

There may be an amazing library just around the corner that has amazing books to learn from, and activities and classes as well. How about joining a good gym? I recently joined a really nice Planet Fitness gym back home that has massage chairs, hydromassages, a full body enhancement machine, and tanning included. So some of those amenities got me to the gym, and then I worked out while I was there too! There are often YMCAs nearby, which have all kinds of classes as well. The gym would be enough to keep me busy daily, and healthy, when I am home, and also when traveling since some of them also have nationwide memberships. Sometimes just heading to a shopping center across town, a city nearby, or a park where you can run or go for a nice walk is something new to do. Many churches are also a great place to get involved, make new friends, and stay busy. The town we are in right now is pretty small, but it is so beautiful around here (picture above), and there are so many amazing things nearby that I bet many of the residents of this town have never done, or haven’t done for years! I found that this small town has a really cool downtown area and an amazing rec center with a nice pool, lazy river, and all kinds of classes and activities going on everyday…in addition to being close to ancient ruin sites, and Sedona!! I was in Starbucks the other day, and a customer asked two of the ladies working there if they had ever been to nearby Tuzigoot National Monument. Neither of them had “We just live here” one of them said. There is so much to be seen near every small town if you get out there and look for it!


If you have kids, head to a playground or indoor playplace that you haven’t been to before, ride on a bike trail together, go for a hike, explore a nearby city, head to a state park, or lake. If the weather isn’t so great, see if there is a trampoline park around, or just make a run to the dollar tree, and pick up some new toys and books for a day full of indoor fun!

The next time you are looking for something to do in your small town, check TripAdvisor for the top things to do in your area or tops restaurants and go try one that you haven’t tried before! With just a little creativity, and a step beyond your normal boundaries, you may find something new to do in your own small, or even big, town! Have fun out there and let me know if you thought of, or found something new to do in your area!



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