In the waiting…

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Seasons of waiting, when you can see what you want, but can’t quite get there yet, can be difficult to walk through. These waiting room seasons are also part of the journey, and a place where we can grow to get ready for where we are headed.

College, waiting to sell a house, buy a house, waiting for the right person to spend your life with, waiting for children, the right job, retirement, vacation, are all waiting room scenarios that many of us walk through, and ones that we have walked through as well.

When we were preparing to travel in our RV, we had about a year of researching and figuring it all out, and about another good year of intentional hard work, and planning to make it all happen. For a few months time, I was taking care of the kids, working full time from home, and cleaning our old house to show it every few days. Almost anything you set out to do has a waiting period. We can choose to be stressed out, or disheartened (like I was quite a bit at that time), or to just keep moving forward and know it is all part of the process and will work out (like my husband did).

It may be long, it may be short, but this preparation phase is almost always valuable, necessary, and hard. If we use it to get ready, pray about our next steps, take action to get to where we want to go, build endurance, have hope, and work on patience, it will be worth it!


“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”            -Joyce Meyer

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