See you later, Arizona


Arizona, How’d you get so cool? I don’t know if cool is a word that is often used to describe Arizona, unless maybe you are here in January, but man did we enjoy our time in this state! Each spot that we went to was more and more amazing, and we are sad to be leaving this wonderful state!

From the somewhat creepy, yet interesting, historic state penitentiary in Yuma, to the magical cacti and amazing new friends made in Tucson, the wild west towns that took us back in time in Tombstone, Goldfield, and Tortilla Flats, the amazing state parks like Lost Dutchman, and Slide Rock, all there was to do in the Phoenix area, the spirit lifting land of Sedona, breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon, driving amongst Bears and Wolves at Bearizona, and the beautiful sights around Page, needless to say, this state has knocked our socks waaay off!

We had expected California to be amazing, and it was, but Arizona just kept getting better and better, with surprises around every corner! The history and beauty in this state were magnificent. It is not somewhere that we want to be in the summer though, so now that the weather is getting almost to hot for us to handle, we quickly head North! I have heard that Utah is unlike any other.



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