How we Renovated our RV slide for $500


Why is it that so many RVs look so outdated? Even most of the new ones out there? Our motorhome is a 2011 and is just as outdated as most out there. We didn’t really mind, but we decided to make some simple changes when we got our RV last year, and we finished more small renovations in the past couple of months as our furniture was shedding fake leather all over the place!

Within the first month that we had our RV, the couch started peeling awfully and just continued on that course. Our dinette did the same. I had recovered our dinette cushions, pulled off the peel and stick wallpaper border, removed the large valances over the windows, painted the slide, and an accent wall in our bathroom, put up pictures, added throw pillows, and put up some peel and stick tile back splash in the bathroom and kitchen to liven things up a bit in our RV. Removing the valances and wallpaper border were free and pretty simple changes that made a big difference.

Once we knew we just had to get rid of our RV furniture, we searched, and searched for the right length furniture to fit in our slide. We waited until we were near and IKEA to make many trips there to find that the sleeper sofas we were wanting were either not in stock, or would be too long to fit a table and chairs, plus the couch in our slide. We then ordered a futon from Walmart that never came, and then ordered a different one that was a little shorter in length, and ended up being the exact right size.


We are not too handy, so our renovations had to be easy. Paint makes a huge difference in updating an interior on a budget. We have seen many RV’s with the all of the walls painted, and the cabinets painted white, and although we love the look. We didn’t feel like we had it in us to paint the cabinets, so we just went with a few accent walls. To paint over the wallpaper, we first removed the border, which came off easily for us. We then cleaned the walls with an benzyl alcohol and water mix, lightly sanded the walls, and used an oil based Glidden Gripper Primer before painting. After that, we used a latex paint, and painted around the walls around the bolted down furniture. Later, after we removed the furniture while we were traveling, we didn’t have the paint we had used before, so we got one of my favorite shades of aqua, and painted the bottom half of the slide aqua.

After we had our new couch, I also bought new throw pillows, once again, and a new feather blanket. We also purchased the aqua storage ottoman to try it out as bench seats at our table, but wouldn’t you know, they were too big. So we just used that one as an ottoman, and bought an inexpensive table and chairs from IKEA.

With kids, it is nice to have furniture that is affordable, and will be easily replaceable in the future, so we went with that for now, and were happy with how it turned out!

Cost of supplies for RV slide renovation

Glidden Gripper Oil-Based Primer $24

White Latex Paint $22

Aqua Latex Paint $22

Paint Brushes and Rollers – $15

Futon – Walmart Online – Better Homes and Gardens Futon in Navy – $240

Storage Ottoman – $45 at Homegoods

Table – $25 at IKEA

Chairs – $12.50 each at IKEA for a total of $50

Pictures – Pack of Prints $10 and 2 $1 frames

Throw Pillows – $10 Each

Feather Blanket – $25 on

Total = $500

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