4 free days in Salt Lake City

4 days, 1 city, 4 museums, 1 Aviary, a playground, splash pad, all for free! Needless to say, we really enjoyed our time in Salt Lake City, and we know there was so much more to see and do here. After being in the wilderness for so long, we enjoyed getting to Salt Lake City […]

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Our Natural Remedy Arsenal

I was a nurse for 7 years before having kids, after kids, I started looking more into natural remedies, and taking care of my kids with natural means, as much as possible, when they were sick. I quickly stumbled on essentials oils, which pretty much everyone who knows me knows that I love to use them. […]

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Canyonlands National Park

  Canyonlands National Park is a short 40 minute drive from Arches National Park, but a lot of people who visit Arches don’t make it over to Canyonlands. It seems to often be overlooked Since we were wanting to hit all of the National Parks in Utah on the trip, and we were staying close […]

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Dead Horse Point State Park

  A scenic 35 minute drive east of our boondocking spot took us to our next stop, Dead Horse Point State Park. We had gotten lucky and snagged a spot a month before our arrival at the brand new Wingate Campground. Usually you have to book your RV site 4 months in advance as soon […]

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Arches National Park

  Around the town of Moab, many wonders are close by. Arches National Park was our first stop in this great town. We camped for free for a few days on BLM land on Willow Springs just 15 minutes north of the entrance to Arches. This boondocking spot was pretty easy to get to, and […]

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