Dead Horse Point State Park



A scenic 35 minute drive east of our boondocking spot took us to our next stop, Dead Horse Point State Park. We had gotten lucky and snagged a spot a month before our arrival at the brand new Wingate Campground. Usually you have to book your RV site 4 months in advance as soon as they become available. We are always happy to have electricity, so we enjoyed this spot for the 3 nights we were here. It was very quiet with nice clean bathrooms nearby, and hiking trails.


This state park has a nice view from the Visitor’s Center, but the best view is at the end of the road at Dead Horse Point. Legend has it that back in the day, rancher’s found wild horses at this spot, and drove them out to the point where there was a small neck where they could easily build a fence to keep the horses in one spot. For some reason, many of the horses were left there without water, and died with views of the canyon and the river below, thus the name “Dead Horse Point”.

The breathtaking view from Dead Horse Point is similar to the Grand Canyon, and to nearby Canyonlands. We didn’t have enough time to do any hikes at this state park, but we did walk around the point on two occasions. There were rocks under the awning there away from the ledge where the kids enjoyed climbing with other kids as well.

There is no gas, food, or any other services in Canyonlands or Dead Horse Point, besides a minimal coffee and snack bar in Dead Horse Point. You have to take the 40 minute drive to Moab if you need anything from the store, and should come to this area stocked with gas, water, and food. Still, Dead Horse Point State Park was a great place to camp for easy access to nearby Canyonlands that was only a 15 minute drive away. It was also a fantastic place to watch the sunset on our last night in Moab!




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