4 free days in Salt Lake City


4 days, 1 city, 4 museums, 1 Aviary, a playground, splash pad, all for free! Needless to say, we really enjoyed our time in Salt Lake City, and we know there was so much more to see and do here.

After being in the wilderness for so long, we enjoyed getting to Salt Lake City where we saw all of our favorite places from home, and more! We stayed one night on the way into town at a Harvest Hosts location south of the city that was a red barn with a Farmer’s Market feel and ice cream and a sweet and toy shop as well. The kids had a great time here getting ice cream and flying their new kite and small airplane.


We enjoyed the town of Spanish Fork where there was a splash pad and large playground right next to the Costco. There were also great restaurants, a place where the kids got their haircut, a smoothie shop, and many things to do in that plaza, so we spent part of the day traveling into the city here. The kids had a blast in this town!

Once in the city, we went to The Leonardo Museum, and 3 museums at the Thanksgiving Point Complex (The Museum of Ancient Life, The Farm, and The Museum of Natural Curiosity) we also went to the Tracey Aviary which were all on our ASTC and AZA memberships for free admission. All of these museums really impressed us, but the museum of natural curiosity was our favorite! We didn’t have time to go to the large garden area at Thanksgiving Point too, but we heard that it is over 2 miles of flowers and waterfalls, and is definitely worth a visit!

The Aviary didn’t take us too long to walk around, but they had a lot of exotic birds, owls, and eagles to see, so it was a great stop! The kids also loved the ride on the Ferris wheel in a park next to the Aviary where there were a few more rides that look like they are up in the summers.


Lehi had some great outlets, and was where Thanksgiving Point was located too. We helped with worship at New Community Church, which is a church of great people near this town that meets in a dance center. We really enjoyed getting to know everyone, and ministering there.

While in the area we stayed on Antelope Island State Park, which I will tell you more about in my next post!


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