Antelope Island State Park, Utah


While we were in Salt Lake City, we stayed just north of the city for a few nights on Antelope Island State Park. We had heard that this was a spot that was not to miss! Did we agree?! I will let you know all of the details…the good, and the not so good.

Antelope Island is just north of Salt Lake City, and we were surprised to find that many of the locals in SLC hadn’t been to Antelope Island before! What was the coolest part of this park was that there are many bison there that are easy to spot. It is also a picturesque spot with the Great Salt Lake and the mountains, and bison, deer, and pronghorn roaming free. There are a few campgrounds in Antelope Island, and we scheduled months in advance to get a dry camping spot in the park at the Bridger Bay Campground, which had a nice view of the lake.

Our site was plenty long, but not quite wide enough, and our door opened out into the overgrown bushes and brush that was on either side of our site. This made me a little nervous that critter, or even worse for me, snakes, may be hiding just outside our door…ahh! I tried not to worry about it. Another downside of this park at the time we were there is that the biting gnats, or no-see-ums, that can be pretty bad from April through June. We can’t say we weren’t warned, or that we got bit up bad, but they were annoying, and we decided not to go on any long hikes to prevent those bothersome bites. It also must be known that the luckily only the entrance to the lake is pretty smelly from the algae, but our campground smelled just fine. We also couldn’t get good enough AT&T connection consistently enough for me to work at this park, so I had to drive about 20 minutes away. If we had a booster, I bet our internet would have worked fine!

The nice views of the Great Salt Lake, and with frequent viewings of herds of Bison along the lakeshore made this stop worth it. I am not sure if we will be back at this spot, but I am happy that we got to stay there, check out the island, and get our first looks at the amazing Bison! Overall, I would say it is worth the stop, at least this once!

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