The Majestic Grand Teton National Park




Grand Teton National Park really was majestic with its lakes, mountains, wildlife, and wild flowers. Nearby Jackson Hole, WY was a quaint and lively town. We couldn’t get enough of those beautiful views as we were driving to the park, or to the town of Jackson!

While in Jackson, we spent some time at the Jackson Library, which the kids loved! Libraries are always great places to work, but this library had a lot of activities going on, very nice staff, and even had a read to a dog event on the first night we were there. Ellie’s two favorite things are books and dogs so she absolutely loved this. Tyler made a new friend at the library, so he couldn’t wait to go back too. They also had some free books at this library so that was the icing on the cake that made the Jackson Library the best one that we have been to so far! Another of our favorite spots in Jackson was the Picnic coffee shop who also had great breakfast. Just look at the French Toast above! It tasted as good as it looks!


Our 3 days here were definitely not enough time, and we didn’t have enough internet signal at our RV, but were thankful for our nearby free dry camping spots with amazing views, and the ability to drive into town to get work done each day. When we got to our boondocking spot, we made the mistake for us of driving up the hill to the Upper Teton View area where the road was just a little too bumpy for our motorhome. We should have first unhooked our car, and scouted the road with our car. But instead, going off of raving reviews, I have been looking forward to this spot just knew we had to be up there at the Upper Teton View. It was after all only a half a mile up the road! In that half mile, however, there was some rocky terrain and large potholes. We hit a bump, and our 2nd glass bowl of the year broke. This time though, I didn’t see it was broken it until I had already stepped on a piece of glass, but the cut wasn’t too big, and I was ok! We also didn’t get a spot at the optimal viewing area, but our view was still amazing and is pictured above. After driving this road again with our car when we went to visit the park, we decided to bring the RV back down the hill to the Lower Teton View which ended up being perfect for us. This is definitely an amazing free camping spot! The coordinates we stayed at the Lower Teton View was: 43.7644713673276,-110.55578738451

While in the National Park, we looked for moose on drives and hikes, since they are often found around the Moose Ponds and Gros Ventre, but didn’t get to see any this time. We did see deer, elk, bison, and many prairie dogs! We also took a guided boat tour around beautiful Jenny Lake and visited many of the areas in the park. It was a magnificent few days, is in the running for our favorite National Park so far, and is a spot we can’t wait to get back to, and explore further!


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