Wildlife Sightings at Gorgeous Glacier National Park



So far on our summer trip, we had only seen bison, deer, elk, coyotes, and pronghorn. We were ready for some new wildlife sightings! We had heard Glacier was a beautiful place, but had never seen pictures or anything.

On our first night here, after getting checked into the nearby Glacier Campground, we headed into the West entrance of the park. Going to the Sun Road is a legendary road that passes through the mountains in the park, and is closed about half of the year due to snow. Little did we know, this road had just opened up the week before we got there, so the last week of June! This drive held pretty high expectations for us, and it exceeded every one. It was a clear afternoon, so we were able to see all of the gorgeous scenery. We weren’t ready for all of the roadside waterfalls that were sometimes dropping on our car, or the snowy mountains and cold July temperatures when getting out of the car at the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

After leaving the visitor center, we started heading further east, towards St. Mary’s, and quickly saw a group of onlookers staring at a Grizzly Bear on the hillside! There wasn’t anywhere for us to stop there, but after driving a couple of miles up, we saw another Grizzly walking on a hill behind some trees.

We headed into St Mary’s and fueled up, and had a nice dinner there before driving back through the park on Going to the Sun Road again. On the way home, just after Logan’s Pass, we saw a group of white things up on a hill. We turned around, and saw that it was a group of mountain goats! These hipster goats were so cool! We loved watching them and their kids jump among the rocks.

As we continued on our drive, we saw a few big horned sheep right above our car standing over a cliffside. These sheep are very regal, and we were so excited to see them that close.

This drive with the red buses, waterfalls, wildlife sightings, and amazing scenery really blew us away! It definitely was the best drive we have had yet, and with all of those wildlife sightings, we aren’t sure it can ever be beat!

On our second day in the park, we saw a rainbow, visited the Apgar Visitor Center, walked on the Trail of the Cedars. This hike was pretty short, with a paved boardwalk for pushing a stroller or for ADA access. It had a pretty waterfall on it, and was a nice walk through the tall trees and lush forest.

Other activities we really enjoyed in Glacier were visiting the rustic Lake McDonald Lodge, with a beautiful fireplace and old piano that David played, and renting a motorboat to ride around on the lake for an hour. There were lots of Prairie Dogs near this lodge that we had fun watching in the field too! This day, we decided to take the Going to the Sun road again to see if we could see more wildlife. It was very cloudy, and we could hardly see a thing, so we didn’t make it to far, and the drive was less than optimal the 2nd time around.

After leaving Glacier Campground, we were heading north toward Canada and had a night to fill, which happened to be the 4th of July. We got a night reservation at the Chewing Blackbones Campground in the East Glacier Area that is largely made up of Blackfeet Tribe land. The tribe was having a Powwow that night and fireworks, it was a really amazing thing to see! We didn’t love the campground spots, but they had some tipis that you could rent that looked pretty nice!

This campground was a short drive from Many Glacier, which we had heard was a good place to see wildlife. The road into Many Glacier were REALLY bad! We are so happy that we didn’t bring our RV on this road! We headed to the Many Glacier Lodge, which was more beautiful than we could imagine. We spent the day walking around the lake, and met a family with kids around our kids ages, and we all hiked the 2nd half of the lake trail together. This kept the kids motivated and happy! Some of the most beautiful mountain views that we saw in Glacier were here in Many Glacier and are pictured below.

That was all of the time we had in Glacier! From here we were heading north! Taking some vacation time, and heading into Canada for a short time!

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