Cultus Lake and Vancouver


We didn’t have the time to give British Columbia near the time that it deserved to explore this province. If you have a favorite area of B.C., let us know in the comments, because we probably didn’t get there!

We headed towards Cultus Lake, because that was where the nearest Thousand Trails campground was, and we were ready to get back to the comfort of campgrounds after a summer full of no RV hook-ups. While this campground wasn’t our favorite overall (a little cramped and crowded), we did love the pool, and found that we really enjoyed the area! The nearby lake was beautiful, and we found a cute trail nearby to hike called “The Teapot Hill Trail”. This trail ended up being longer than we expected, as it took a good hike up a long hill to make it to the teapot trail, but it was our first hike that felt like we were in a rainforest. Once we were at Teapot Hill, it was a really fun trail for us and the kids to walk, looking for teapots that had been placed on the trail by hikers before us.

While in Cultus Lake, we also stopped by the Cultus Lake Adventure Park, where there were lots of rides and fun things to do. There was also a waterpark across the street, but we didn’t make it there this time. The Adventure Park was cool because you didn’t have to pay to get in. You just paid for tickets for rides, or wrist bands to ride as many rides as you wanted to. So if you don’t like to ride rides, and just want to go with your kids, you don’t have to pay. After five o’clock, you could get an all you could ride wristband at a discounted rate, so we did that. Most of the rides there, our 4 year old could ride, even some that felt too big for her. She got her first ride on a short rollercoaster at this park. She is a brave girl, but that first rollercoaster scared her just a bit at first….then she couldn’t wait to go again! There were many rides that were perfect for kids, like the slowest ferris wheel ever, the carousel, the honeypots, the frogs on the upper boardwalk, and the kids loved the swings too! There were also a few rides that were better for the older kids and adults, so fun for everyone at this park. We were impressed, and had a great time here.

Unfortunately, that time was somewhat dampened by a disgruntled parking lot attendant who gave us a ticket for getting to our car 15 minutes late. Did she have a right to give us a ticket? Yes. Though the parking situation in hindsight was confusing, and felt a bit shady. But to be that rude? No! As great as the adventure park was, the parking lot around that park is not, so don’t park there. To make a long story short, there are not clear signs, and they are waiting, and more than happy to give people tickets there. There is free dirt parking lot about 1/4 mile down the road that we wished we had parked at instead after our experience here.

Anyway, getting back to the fun stuff. While in B.C. we also got to visit the city of Vancouver. It was a great city, with so much to see. We started out in Stanley Park. There was a lot to see and do here. It is a great park for walking, and finding activities along the way. We took a short ride on the small train through the forest, which was perfect to do with the kids. There were also playgrounds, a rose garden, totem poles, and splash pads in this park. It is surrounded by the bay where boats and planes come into all day. There is even a floating gas station out in the bay!

We walked through the city, and found a great shopping area downtown, around Robson and Alberni Streets, and a great church to attend that Sunday morning. It was an interesting church experience though, because being in the city, we had to take the kids across the street to a high rise for kids church. I wasn’t so sure about this, but once we got up there, and saw the staff, and security measures in the building, we were ok with it. Two of the highlights of our time in Vancouver were 49th Parallel Coffee Shop, where we had amazing breakfast sandwiches, donuts, and great coffee, and Yum Ice Creamery and Sweet Shoppe, which after getting a huge ice cream sundae, Tyler rated as the best ice cream place ever! Needless to say, we had a healthy fun day.

Walking around the bay, and seeing the houseboats were a lot of fun as well. We had wanted to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, and it has raving reviews, but we got there a little late, and with the admission prices, we decided it wasn’t worth rushing through. Let us know if you have been there!


We instead headed to Granville Island, which is a former industrial site that is now an artsy, market area with shops, and cafes. Since we don’t always plan out our days so well, we are really good at getting places when they are closing. So, this area was closing by the time we arrived, but we got a good feel for this area. It is a great place to come in the day, when it is open!

That concluded our time in Canada! We leave you with a photo below of Peace Park as seen as we were entering our home…the good ol’ USA.




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