North Cascades National Park



From the northern Washington coast, we took a short detour east to check out North Cascades National Park. This national park is the least visited national park in the US from what we heard. We stayed nearby at Glacier Peak Campground, which was an unexpected treat. It was just a normal campground, but they had lots of bunnies and animals there that the kids loved,  a game room, and even better, we made friends with a nice family from Florida who had kids around our kids ages, and were there the same weekend we were. Our kids loved playing with their new friends more than anything at this location!

On our first day in the area, we headed into the national park, attended a ranger program, and hiked one short trail on this day that had a waterfall and suspension bridge. We had to get home to get some work done for the day, so we couldn’t stay in the park too long on this first day.

We were planning to come back the next day, but instead spent most of the morning picking 5 lbs of  blueberries at the nearby, beautiful, Cascadian Organics Farm, that we see a lot of products from in stores. Since it was getting later in the day that we had expected, David then went on his own into the national park, to complete the 7 mile Diablo Lake Trail, while I stayed home to finish some work and watch the kids. David enjoyed the trail a lot, but he said that the road up to the trail was much bumpier than expected and best for 4 wheel drive.

The next day, we were driving out of the campground to spend my day off in North Cascades National Park. How many of you know that when you are on a road trip, things often don’t go as planned? This was one of those days. Our car instead stalled in the parking lot of our campground, and wouldn’t start back up. We instead got some help pushing the car up onto our tow dolly behind the RV to take it with us and drop it off at a shop the next day at our next campground. At least it was an easy towing process since we had the dolly! It ended up that we needed a sensor replaced on our car, so it was a pretty easy fix. We instead hung around the campground, and had our own Sunday morning church service at the smallest chapel ever across the street from the campground. Tyler read the scripture verses, and Eliana sang and prayed.

It was disappointing to have missed out on seeing more of North Cascades National Park, but we were happy to have made the detour to get over there, and have met some nice new friends, giving the kids time to play with more nice kids their ages! We often are around kids our kids ages, and they always enjoy to play. Having nice kids around is even more important! Overall, it was a nice little detour to see just a bit of North Cascades National Park, and to make some new friends to visit when we get to Florida!


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