Loving Leavenworth


Our next leg of our journey took us to the Leavenworth Thousand Trails, only to find out that it was actually almost 30 minutes north of the town of Leavenworth, the town that we were wanting to visit. We loved the campground though. There were lots of activities for the kids on the weekend, and the staff was kind. Not to mention, we cleaned up in candy bar bingo…this is the life! Leavenworth Thousand Trails has a few tiny houses that they rent out that have a fun feel to them too!

I was excited to get to Leavenworth, because I had seen pictures, and knew that it was a Bavarian town. It is always interesting to actually get to places that you have seen in pictures or videos, and really get a feel for what the area is actually like. Lucky for us, we visited the town of Leavenworth on David’s birthday. We all enjoyed Leavenworth! There were many clothing shops and boutiques, kids toy stores, the Nutcracker Museum, candy shoppes, wineries, and great restaurants. While in the town, we ate the first day at the Munchen Haus. It had a small outdoor seating area, and we ordered brats, and Bavarian pretzels. They were all delicious, as was the apple cider sauerkraut, and many kids of mustards that there were to chose from. After eating here, we decided we needed to come back tomorrow!

On our visit the next day, we just enjoyed walking around Leavenworth again. We ate this time at the Bavarian Bistro, which had some great happy hour appetizer deals. We really enjoyed the food there as well, and got some yummy gelato afterwards at Viadolce.

We really enjoyed being in this town, there was something uplifting about Leavenworth, Washington, and we still crave those pretzels often!





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