City sightseeing in Seattle



What do you think of when you think of Seattle? Coffee, Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle are at the top of my list! We had never been to Seattle before, so it was one of the few cities that we were looking forward to visiting that we hadn’t been to yet. David was excited to try out the coffee shops, and I was excited to get to the Market and the Space Needle. We didn’t realize all that there was to do in Seattle, but we were about to!

We stayed about 30 mins east of the city at Tall Chief RV Resort in Fall City. It was a nice campground, and was close enough to everything that we wanted to do to be a good launching point for visiting Seattle.


On our first night in the area we headed to the nearby town of Snoqualmie, and had a great dinner at Caadxi Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant in town, and walked to the nearby Snoqualmie Falls Candy Shoppe and ice cream parlor after. If you haven’t noticed yet, we are foodies, we really like eating out, and ice cream! What we save on camping fees, and free admissions to museums and zoos….we probably spend on food! Anyhow, the falls were beautiful, and there is a nice restaurant and lodge right there at the falls!

David flew out of Seattle for a couple of days for work, so after dropping him off at the airport, I took the kids to the Woodland Park Zoo. It was a nice zoo, but sadly, I had forgotten my phone at home, so we didn’t get any pics there. Ellie made a new friend there, and we finished our zoo tour hanging out with her and her mom. We got their info and hope to see them again when we come back to the area someday!

The next day, we checked our list of ASTC museums that we could get into for free in the area, and saw that we could go to Kidsquest Children’s Museum in Bellevue, so we headed there. We love going to new children’s museums, because it is a new place to explore. There is always plenty to play with. This museum had an indoor climbing net, outdoor building area, a postal service room where the kids could transport boxes, a reading treehouse, a play store, and water tables. It wasn’t a large museum, but it was easy to spend plenty of time playing there.

Once David got back from his trip, we headed into the city and made it to the oldest Starbucks that is still in business at Pike Place Market. The first Starbucks was really located a couple of blocks away, but they moved it to this location a few years after opening the first one. We had to wait in a bit of a line, and the Starbucks was small, but as people who visit Starbucks all over the nation, it was fun to get to do!

We got our drinks and headed to the market, to find that they were already closed. One restaurant was still open in the back of the market, and had a view of the water and the ferris wheel, so we ate there.

Since the kids spotted the ferris wheel, of course we had to ride it. Since only one adult was required to ride, and David didn’t think it was worth it, I happily took the kids on the Great Wheel! The views of the city were nice, and the kids really enjoyed the experience. From the ferris wheel, we walked up the hill through Post Alley, to the Pike Place Market Gum Wall. This Gum Wall is hard to find with google maps if above at the market, because it is down the stairs in an alley below. Ellie, who self proclaimed “likes gross things”, was happy to get a picture by the Gum Wall. Ty was not into it.

I had always wanted to see the Space Needle, and had seen it from afar while traveling around in the city, but we hadn’t got there yet. Another museum that was free with our ASTC membership was the Pacific Science Museum. This museum was conveniently located right next to the Space Needle! It was a large, and beautiful museum. Definitely a place where you can spend 3-4 hours. They had a fun bug and animal display, and the most active butterfly garden. In the butterfly garden, they had posters that helped you identify all of the kids of plants and butterflies. There were also butterflies hatching out of their cocoons in one area. There were many sections to this museum, and I definitely recommend that you make the stop if you are ever in Seattle.

In the area right by the Space Needle, is many other attractions, including the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, the Museum of Pop Culture, and The Armory, which has a food court, and the Seattle Children’s Museum in it. We spent a bit of time in the food court, and the kids played on a great climbing playground outside of the Museum of Pop Culture, but we didn’t get to do the other attractions there.

I also made the executive decision that we needed to go up in the Space Needle since it was something I always wanted to do! After 8pm, ticked prices are $10 less each, and we were there pretty late, so we purchased tickets to go up at 8:30. Lucky for us, we got to the top while the sun was setting, and then got to see the views after it was dark too. Normally, there is a restaurant on the revolving floor section of the Space Needle, but it was under renovations, and we got to walk on that area too, which was fun for the kids to walk on the revolving floor! It was worth it for the pictures and the memories. I drag David to do a lot of things he doesn’t think he wants to do, or isn’t worth the price…but then he enjoys it…almost every time 🙂


Since Seattle was so big, we didn’t get to all of the coffee shops that we would have liked to, but of the ones we visited, Slate and Elm topped David’s list. He is a coffee fanatic and connoisseur, whereas I am just a lover of pretty much all coffee, and sweet coffee drinks, so you can’t necessarily trust my opinion on coffee, but you can trust his if you are a coffee connoisseur as well.

Seattle was an extremely enjoyable, fun city, and like pretty much everywhere we have been, we know there is much more to do if we make it back!

Goodnight Seattle, sweet dreams!







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