Cuyahoga Valley National Park

I grew up only an hour away from Ohio’s only National Park, and just recently realized it. I had been to nearby Cleveland, and even Cuyahoga Falls before, but I don’t think I ever heard anyone even talk about Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Most National Parks cost a fee to get into, but this one […]

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Make it work

I am finding that this traveling lifestyle has a lot to do with resilience. How flexible and I, and how determined am I to make it work? I guess every area in life has a way of working itself out if we are flexible and determined enough to see it through. We have grand plans […]

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Cease Striving

Life became so much better when I let go. Let go of expectations I had unknowingly placed on others. Let go of my striving to make things happen, to pursue wealth, maintain an image, or achieve success. I came to a point where I realized some of the things I was holding onto, and my […]

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