RV storage and mishaps

  We love getting to be home with our families, and doing a lot of fun activities with everyone for the holidays! This year, we went home for 8 weeks! When we travel home to the Pittsburgh, PA, Youngstown OH areas, we have so far flown with affordable airlines (Frontier, Allegiant, Spirit) and left our […]

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North Cascades National Park

  From the northern Washington coast, we took a short detour east to check out North Cascades National Park. This national park is the least visited national park in the US from what we heard. We stayed nearby at Glacier Peak Campground, which was an unexpected treat. It was just a normal campground, but they […]

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Williams, Arizona

“The Gateway to the Grand Canyon” as it is called. Williams is a cute town with a big train, and lots of heart and history. We stayed a too short two nights at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park. We went to this park because it was recommended by fellow travelers, was on the way […]

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Columbus, Ohio

Though it is not my hometown, Columbus is my favorite city in my home state of Ohio. There is plenty to do there, and great shopping, which spells a win for me! It is also a state that is full of Ohio pride, being the center of the state, the capital of Ohio, and the […]

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When Fear Stops You

Fear can rob us of a number of things if we let it. On one hand, healthy fear can be our friend. If we had no fears, we would do dumb things all of the time. On the other hand, fear that has a stronghold over us can really hold us back if we let […]

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