Goodbye, Norm!


We said goodbye to our old friend “Norm” this past year. Normal that is, you know, whatever whoever decided is the normal way of life these days. We no longer care if we have what our neighbor has, or how nice our cars are, we have traded all of that in. We have turned over a life consumed with things, separate goals, and security, and have traded it all in for a unified God adventure with our family that has totally changed us.


It has been amazing so far. Even though we still work, and have many same responsibilities as we did before, we have so much more time together as a family now. We are learning new things every day, have less expectations in most areas of life, and are happier than before. We work as a team, and get to see and experience new things all together. We are closer than before as well, and that is something I appreciate so much. We get to be outside in nicer weather more often, and are more active as a family than we were before. We still have challenges and unexpected things happen all of the time, but we are enjoying this journey even more than we had expected. The other day while we were just sitting having lunch our 5 year old looked at us and said “I am the happiest I have been in my whole life.” We looked at each other and each said that we are too.


Even though it was hard to part ways with good old Norm, and some people don’t understand it, that is ok! We know this isn’t what would be best for everyone, and it can be hard to understand, but it is what is best for us at this point in time. We are so thankful that we found this life, and were open to making the changes to adapt to a new way of doing things.

We still have challenging days, busy times, and obstacles to overcome, but this change has been good for us. There are some things we miss about being home all year, like our families, friends, and the kids being more involved in activities at home. We come home often though to get to fill in some of those gaps, and that has been working well for us, but there are still things we miss out on. On the other hand, when we come home, I also feel pulled back into the busyness and more easily get stressed out for some reason.

We will most likely say hello to good ol’ Norm again at some point in the future, but until then, we are happy with our decision to say “goodbye, Norm” and “hello, Adventure”.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Norm!

  1. I loved saying goodbye to “Norm!” We’ve been full time RVing and traveling for a year and a half and have no regrets. I only wish we’d done it when the kids were growing up–what amazing adventures are ahead for you and your family. Thanks for letting me come along. Dawn


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